The Severna Park Model Railroad Club has constructed a railroad named The Chesapeake and Allegheny Railroad. It portrays Maryland in Miniature and its logo states "C&A, FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE BAY". The track plan may be viewed as a folded dog-bone with a stub end terminal, a division point and a mountain branch line.

Let us take an imaginary train trip over the railroad. Duck under the double track Baltimore Truss bridge to enter the layout. Go to the far end of the building to the stub end passenger terminal and station of the city of Chesapeake. We board our train here. As the train starts, we first pass through the terminal throat and onto the double track mainline behind a farm. Entering a tunnel we pass under Coalton Mountain and then out onto the Baltimore Truss bridge. Descending from the bridge on a fill we roll into Potomac Junction where the Chesapeake mainline, the Coalton Junction mainline, and Brunswick Yard meet. Out of Potomac Junction we drift into Brunswick station, the division point of the railroad. Brunswick is the home of The Brunswick Works of Pittsburgh Steel. The mill can be seen to our right as we wait for passengers to board the train. Leaving Brunswick we coast downhill to Middleton on the hidden lower loop. A short trip returns us to Brunswick passing through Fells Point. Leaving Brunswick we take the right hand track back through Potomac Junction and across the bridge. This track takes us up the hill and over the gorge to Coalton Junction.

An excursion train may be boarded at Coalton Junction for a ride up the branch line to Coalton or on beyond up the mountain past the mine to Yoho. Over the mountain by road is a resort of unequalled excellence.

Returning to Coalton Junction by the same route, we again board the next train that stops and continue our journey to the wye at West Junction. There we can either reverse our direction through South Chesapeake and return the way we came or we can take the interchange track which brings us back to the Chesapeake terminal throat and then to the terminal where our trip began.

The railroad is constructed using open grid L-beam construction as well as table top construction, where each lends itself to being most useful. The roadbed is Homosote over plywood to obtain strength and quiet operation. The track is laid on hand laid ties. Code 100 rail is used on the mainline and code 70 rail is used in the mountain. All switches have been scratch built including some custom designed switches at Potomac Junction and Middleton. Scenery has been built using hardshell and zip texture techniques. Almost all of the structures have been scratch built including most of the bridges on the railroad.

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